Middle Z in two pieces

So I finally started printing (Yay!) on a M3D printer. Its got a small build area but it was free. So anyways I have been able to fit every single part in my build area except the new middle z mount. Does any one have this mount in two pieces so i can glue them together? I could just print the old middle z and print the new one several months down the road when i have enough to buy an extruder, but i figured i would ask if anyone have something before I just go with the lower grade middle z. alternatively i could get around to learning 3D modeling and separate the part myself, but once again figured i would ask if someone had one before i bother to do that.

I just assembled the middle Z yesterday and I don’t see how you would be able to glue them together and make it work. You can use SLic3r to cut the part in half, but again I don’t think that is a very good idea. YMMV…

Tyler, if you want, PM me your address and I could print 2 of the new middle z designs for you.

That would be great! Thanks!

Here it is. I couldn’t post a pic in our chat, so I thought i would here. If you like it, and this is all you need, I can throw it into a box and send it to you today.

Looks perfect thanks again!!!

Yeah I know this post is older but Tyler I wanted to tip my hat to you. I cannot imagine printing this on an M3D. I have one sitting here and to print a single part with the infill needed it must take a whole day for even the smallest of parts. If I didn’t have my rigidbot I wouldn’t even think of attempting this. Kudos to you man and hope it works out well for you.