Middle Z VS Better Middle Z

My better middle z print has failed 3 times now. I am printing on a makerbot 5th gen at 0.3mm and 75% infill. I think I can successfully print the original middle z. How much better is the “better middle z” than the original one? Thanks!

I feel it is absolutely the best part for the machine.

What settings are you using and what is failing about your print?

It fails in the unsupported section in the middle. It is shifting a little and leaning. I have been printing at 230 degree, 0.3mm layers, and 75% infill. I have a glass print bed.

230 for PLA? Do you have a print fan on your printer? That seems really high, if you are printing too hot and your print fan can’t cool the print enough it will cause your overhang to curl, snagging your extruder, shifting your prints. Also if you go a little lower on your print height your will get better overhangs, try .26 layer height.

If you do one of the bridge print tests on thingiverse it really helps dial in your print temps.

Where do I find the Better Middle Z? All the links just take me to the MPCNC thingiverse page, and it doesn’t seem to be part of the files.

Also, why can’t I create any threads?


Gannicus Here:

Thanks, I was printing with a bad smart extruder so if i didn’t have the temperature that high it would clog midprint. I just installed the smart extruder+ and it worked perfectly. The bridge tests totally helped! Thanks!