Midwest build.

Added the unistrut rails after issues with clearance… Do the z rails typically rub against the table? Im assuming once the belts are connected rubbing against the table wont be an issue.

I have maybe an eighth inch clearance combined between the two sets of tubes. Just drive it up and down the table a few times, it will center itself. Or at least straighten itself out…

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Whew, I was starting to get nervous , lol. I know my to rails are not perfectly flat with each other or the spoilboard but I figured I would try to get everything up and running first and see how bad it really is.

I like the idea of using Unistrut as the roller guide. lots of spots to screw into the table AND it’s not gonna warp.
That being said, any disadvantages of using that for your “rails”?

Making three surfaces planar, having less friction on hard urethane wheels, mounting the belt blocks.

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Party pooper :frowning:


Out of curiosity, since it’s powered by the belt what do you need friction for at the skate wheels? Better tracking?

There were reports of slipping from the force of the cutter, In the X direction not the Y. Seems unlikely to me under normal circumstances but it could happen.

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So far mine haven’t slipped. Or at least not enough to notice. Hardest thing I’ve cut so far on the lowrider is the half inch shit they call plywood from lowes. It works alright for dog houses and patching up your meth lab, but “furniture grade” it’s not!


@barry99705 LMFAO Everything about your reply made me laugh haha