Mike M.'s MPCNC Projects

Just wanted to share a few projects that I have done with my MPCNC. One of my favorites has been an iTopie 3D Printer that I cut on my MPCNC. I then created an enclosure for it and have it exhausted out of a dryer vent. I have also attached another project for storing hardware (nuts/bolts, screws, etc.).

Love the idea of the itopie, is it working well? That hardware storage is on my list of things to do as well.

I have only had the iTopie up and running for a few weeks. Structurally it has been pretty solid and mechanically it has been fine. My other printer is a P3Steel so I don’t think its a fair fight versus the iTopie. My goal on the iTopie was to try out a 0.8mm nozzle and really up my extrusion volume game. I have a regular e3d v6 and I have been fighting the max extrusion volumes… got a volcano kit on order to hopefully get them volumes up :wink:

I also got a volcano kit coming for my next build - a MP3DPv2 build… I have a problem.

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I like the storage. I bought a bunch of storage containers from harbor freight that are similar to that. My plan was to mount them under the MPCNC on the rolling cart I built. Just haven’t finished fleshing out the enclosure for everything yet.

Ryan and David,

Not sure if it will help you guys with your plans, but I have attached the .step files for the one I made (exported from Fusion 360). First time exporting from Fusion, so if there is a better format to export let me know. I originally made this to be customized in Fusion to add more slots, etc. but this was one of my first Fusion 360 designs so I make no promises! I made this for Plano 3700 storage bins.

Plano_Organizer_Redone-v12.zip (44.7 KB)


I also made a stand for my storage as well - nothing amazing, but may be of interest.

Plano_Storage_Stand-v5.zip (22.3 KB)