Mike the Maker- WI Build

Hello all!
This is Mike from Wisconsin.

I wanted to post my make of the MPCNC and the enclosure I put it in.

I have learned my way through the 3D printing world to finally print out all the Burly parts. I am using a Ramps 1.4 board with dual end-stops. Its a 20"x30"x4" cut area and the enclosure is 37"x47"x24".

Friendly tip I learned- Marlin-config is the way I like to edit the firmware on the MPCNC and the 3D Printers. Easy to use and works great. Links below.
Software From Github
Instructables Marlin-config

Here are some build pics.

Thanks for looking, Your feedback is always welcome!


I like your enclosure. I still need to put doors on mine. I keep putting it off.

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Thanks David, I wanted a solution for the noise and dust to be contained.

got done just in time to upgrade to primo :wink: nice work! dig the sign even tho Iā€™m team yellow lol (team red on corded, kept my dads tools dating back many years).

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Very nice enclosure!

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Thank you.

Did you just glue the door plastic for the window?

Yes. I routed a 1/4" rabbit in so the plexi glass would be flush and ran a bead of silicone to hold it in the door opening. Works great. Definitely cuts down on the noise and dust.