Milled 3D printer from coated plywood


my current project involved the MPCNC to make my first 3D printer. It is inspired by the I3, itopie and MP3DP. It is almost working by now but the development will continue with better components. For now it is equipped with the bare minimum I had from the MPCNC as printer loadout.


Boy, that looks sturdy! Are you going to make the parts open source? It looks like you’ve got some integrated wire management too, I can’t wait to see more.

Hey thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:

I´m testing and improving the prototype right now. Once I got all figured out I had an open source release in mind. I´m not sure yet what license to use etc.

Wire management is as integrated as possible, no open electronics and all evenly ventilated in the basement.

Can I offer a modification? It’s something I’ve done with my own machines and wonder why it’s not a standard feature. Make holes direct through one of the X-Axis blocks so you can slide the rails out.

This makes it infinitely easier to change out X bearings when they wear! Just slide one rail out, replace bearing and slide back in, rinse, repeat. I made an endcap where the belt tensioner screws through and it’ll make sure the rails don’t move on their own. Can send pics when I get home if you like.

Edit: Actually, looks like you might have it in place already? Great looking build :wink:

I looks almost IKEA in a good way. It makes it look less intimidating. Can’t wait to see it done.

@Dave B.

Thank you very much! The rods are clamped from behind the block. Replacement of the rods or bearings is relatively easy when removing the whole XZ. There will be more changes on the linear guides in that region but I didn´t decided yet what to use.


Once milled the frame assembly takes around 5 minutes :slight_smile: Will see if this works out, had some motion tests on friday and first print should happen next week. I´m curious if it can achieve any good print quality as well…

A quick video from the printer in action. Not too bad for the first few prints, will see.[youtube]raise-uav d³ 3D-printer - YouTube

That company(raise-uav) is mine btw :slight_smile:

The printer seems to be working very well, I don’t see any ringing or any signs of mechanical issues! Nice work.

Dam that is a great looking video. What is your video editor of choice?

Thank you Ryan, I was pretty happy when I saw the first prints :slight_smile:

The editor is shotcut using the GPU effects. I used kdenlive before but shotcut is a bit better at playback with effects. I´m not totally settled on an editor just yet.

Cam is a alpha6000 with Sigma 60mm DN F2,8 and 19mm (Best quality budget lens ever :smiley: )

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So finally I got this one finished.

I had to add auto leveling because of the “living” wood and redesigned frame and parts. This is my main printer now and works like I imagined it should work.

Pretty proud of this and the MPCNC was the main inspiration to even try such a long term project!


Link to repository :


That is really awesome!

Off to clone the repo.?

Thank you!

Off to clone the repo.?

I just added the updated english manual :slight_smile:

Nice! Proud to have my name included in that description with such amazing people. Thank you!

Thats were it belongs :slight_smile:

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