Milling different side of same model

I’ve milled a 3d modeled case for a keyboard from the top down. Now I need to turn the piece sideways to mill out the hole where the USB socket will be. When I load the model into estlcam and flip it to the side with the usb slot, estlcam tries to mill out the entire model from the side view, instead of just the usb socket hole.

I’ve tried to find a tutorial on youtube in regard to this but couldnt find anything specific for this issue.

I tried fusion but it seems to have a big learning curve and I was unable to figure it out.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

fusion can do it.
this video shows how:

*If you haven’t used fusion too much, you will want to add/make your milling bits and check out the mpcnc fusion 360 post processor here on the forums

further reading:

It’s a rather lengthy pdf and has way more info than you probably want, but it shows the steps for having different cuts for cutting full 3d objects through stock rotation between steps.

forums discussion on it


you can mask areas for machining (close to the end of the video):


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