Milling words in Estlcam

I am trying to mill out some letters but can’t seem to figure out the type of path to create when I need to leave areas inside the letter (A, B, D, etc.) I am not using the text function as the wording is in a custom font. I have created a .dxf file with the wording I need to carve / engrave out. I am just going to carve out the letters with a 1/8" mill. Suggestions?

So you just want it to cut on the line not carve out the whole letter right? Have you tried engrave? What are you seeing happen?

If you are getting the inside and outside paths of your letter you will be milling an inside pocket and use the island feature to not cut the inside of a’s and o’s.

I tried doing the inside pocket and the island feature but when I ran the simulation it appeared to ignore the island. I did not attempt a real engraving. I am obviously doing something wrong (or the simulation is not entirely accurate). Are there any instructions or screen captures of the steps?


I can make a step by step later if you need it. Try this we will use an “O” as the example.
Select an inside cut (no need to select pocket), and the out path of the “O”. Then Select an outer cut and the inner path of the “O”. Then use the Select tool, and pick the first path and hit the island button, it should automatically switch to a pocket with an island.

Thanks, I will give this a try when I get home from work tonight. I know I was not doing the steps you are describing here so I am guessing that is where I went wrong. I was trying to select island when I was defining the path.

That worked. Thanks for the help.