Mini-Rambo and $100 laser add on


I’m currently printing my parts for my first build and was getting ready to buy my parts/hardware bundle. I have been really interested in the $100 laser add-on/upgrade and appreciate the work that went into making that write-up from Leo69.

Just wanted to see if the mini-rambo that came in the parts bundle is compatible with that plan. Leo69’s instructions use a RAMPS board, so I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks! It’s been fun reading the forums and getting ready for the build.


Yeah you just have to choose a different pin. I have it linked somewhere, either on the leo page or the How-to page I thought.

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Perfect thanks!

One more thing on DTR’s laser shop it looks like the NDB7875 is discontinued with limited stock remaining. Any advice on whether I should snag one of the lasers now even though I won’t be using it for a few months, or are there alternatives that I could purchase when it gets closer for me to actually be able to use it.

I’m not a laser expert, and Leo has been MIA for a while. But there are some kits with the driver and diode all set up at places like bang good for less than $100.

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I have just started working with this one on my build.

It seems to work really well so far, this is it etching the crown on MDF:

Currently $67.91 with coupon code 5024ba. Mine shipped with its own 12v DC power supply as well although it is not shown in the listing.

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That looks great. I think I’ll go that route. Thanks! Have you tried cutting balsa wood or thin plywood? Does it get pretty toasty when running or is that heat block attached to it work pretty well?

I have only done etching so far, I am picking up some ply today to give cutting a try though. I will make an update with some results. Neither the driver heatsink or the laser housing have even gotten warm for anything I have done so far but temps in the garage have been pretty low 40-60F. I should hit them with the thermometer though to get some empirical evidence.

Did some messing around this past weekend with cutting using the laser. I could do a full cut-through of 3mm ply with 3 passes at 150mm/m, dropping 1mm for each pass. A single pass at 50mm/m worked as well, but was not as nice a cut, the edges were considerably more charred. I used, “air assist” in that I held the end of an air nozzle toward the laser to reduce flaring and discoloration. I have plans to mount an air nozzle on the end of the laser though.

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That’s really exciting. So you focus your beam at the top of your plywood or at the top of your spoilboard? When you do multiple passes do you lower your z-axis a little each time or simply repeat the pass at the same z height? If you don’t mind taking a picture of your air assist set up once you get it mounted that would be awesome.

Focus the beam on the top of the plywood, and I had it drop the Z by 1mm each pass. I’m thinking of using something like the one here:

But it doesn’t quite fit my version of the banggood 3.5W, so I am reworking it and adding an o-ring to seal it off, instead of using foam.