Mini Rambo choppy compared to new skr

I’ve always been aware of a choppiness or stuttering/slowness with my original mini Rambo cnc setup. Mainly in tight circles or radius (I do have arcs turned off)

Tonight I ran some test gcode (the same gcode the other machine is cutting) and its smooth and doesn’t slow down like the other machine does.

Is this because of the faster 32bit board? Or is there something I’m missing on the mini rambo that needs to be changed or updated?

More ram most likely.

If you have you’re using arcs, it is probably because it takes time to convert the arc commands to line commands in the mini rambo. If you’re not using arcs, then the reason is because the serial port (or sd card reader) isn’t keeping up with the movement of the machine. So if the planner runs out of little lines to execute, it will pause and wait for more.

There was a lot of tweaking of settings around version 425. The outcome was faster arcs. The settings were to adjust the number of lines computed in marlin to represent an arc. The result was much smoother, but only when you actually used arcs in the gcode.

I don’t think the planner is any larger in the skr, so if you have arcs off, I think the difference must be the speed of reading the commands. I don’t think just reading them over 250k serial would be any faster or slower. Is there anything else that is different? Are you using sd in one and serial with the other? Or maybe it is a poor quality usb cable?

Literally the Same sd card in both.

I have arcs turned off as It was worse with it turned on.

I dont know what version but I applied it may 24th