Mini Rambo install firmware

Please help. I have a mini Rambo and a Reprapdicount full graphic smart controller. I get the firmware with the arduino software installed, but the display does not work. At this moment I have everything ready to build the lowrider. is only with the problem of control. can someone help me?



It’s weird that it’s not on, but blank.

The wires to the lcd can be installed in two orientations each, and none are harmful. Try rotating them.

If the firmware is wrong, then the backlight would be on and the screen would be blank. This can also be the case if the wires are wrong. Sorry.

Which firmware are you using? Did you read through this page?

yes I have pre-configured the link to Github. open downloaded and all steps followed 10x. The Arduino software from my macbook removed and reinstalled. The motors do not run. I can connect to printrun-mac and if I do that the lights on the Rambo will blink.

(Sorry for my English I have to use google translate)

Are you getting errors when you flash in the arduino window?

The mini rambo needs the bigger power supply to be on when using the USB. I see it’s connected, but it needs to be on the whole time.

The LEDs might just be from the usb part of the board and not an indication that the mini rambo is actually on.

I will try to be error free in my typing for google translate. :slight_smile:

Check your 12V again. That would explain everything.

Yep 12,4Volt

Arduino software After the installatio:
Sketch uses 51734 bytes (20%) of program storage space. Maximum is 258048 bytes.
Global variables use 2595 bytes of dynamic memory.

maybe also an idea why the engines do not want to run?


Are your fuses ok?

Yes, I had already measured it, fuses are oke.

Have been messing about for 3 days and it is not moving forward :frowning:

I think that something is going wrong with programming. there is also no movement in the engines. Unfortunately, I do not know much about it

How are you trying to get the motors to move?

Which branch of the firmware did you download?

We’ll figure this out. you’re one or two simple changes from this working. The minirambo is very durable.

I download the firmware Github pre-configured.

en for the motor test i use macpronterface

There is a menu there, which is 1.1.x by default, which is not configured for our machines. I’m guessing you’ll need this one:

MRambo - For the mini rambo
T8 - The T8 leadscrew for the Z axis
16T - 16 tooth pulleys on the X, Y motors
LCD - to enable the LCD.

Here is the menu I’m talking about:

[attachment file=89370]

I have programmed your link. The display now makes a soft ticking noise

Do the motors work?


I would guess the LCD is just a problem with the wiring now. Try flipping the plugs around. Some cables have the “key” in the wrong place but you can cut that off.

yes the display now gives light but no text