mini rambo mpcnc shortfalls

So I purchased the mini-Rambo and read that it was not fully compatible with the mpcnc firmware after it shipped. What features am I missing out on? Should I return it for the full size rambo or another board?

It is fully compatible, it has 1 less driver than the Rambo board…That is the price difference.

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I have the mini rambo in mine and it works great. I think the only “feature” to date that it won’t do is the dual endstop for squaring the machine. Would love to have this feature because its more CNC-like in my mind. But its certainly not a deal breaker. Just takes an extra min or two to set the machine up when you first fire it up. Other than that its all the same.

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Old thread but from

The mini-Rambo has four drivers, this means no dual endstop firmware on this board with out some skills and an external driver.
I missed this also but there appears to be hope (my board is on its way already), any chance this additional driver info is documented somewhere?


There should be a pinout chart in the mini rambo wiki but you would also need to add the pins in the firmware.

Hey all, has anyone found a way to add the extra driver for the mini rambo? I would like to run the endstops but the rambo was out of stock when I ordered so I got the mini. The machine is working fine just would be cool to have. Thanks.

I would also be interested in the external driver setup