Mini Rambo - Troubles

Hello everyone!


I have finished the mechanical part of my Mpcnc.

(except the belts)


Now I flashed my MiniRambo (China clone…) with the latest firmware for this board that I found here with Arduino IDE 1.9


I attached the motors to the board (only one X and Y, no parallel’ed yet).

The problem is that when I try to move in repetier Host, the movement is very short (not 10mm, if I chose 10mm) and the board seems to restart after the command. The voltage goes down as you see in the Video.

Is my board a problem?

I use a professional 450W - 12V power supply, baudrate etc. was checked to match, I tried different baudrates and changed it in the firmware… nothing helps.


What can you think of?

[attachment file=90591]
[attachment file=90592]
[attachment file=90593]
[attachment file=90594]
[attachment file=90597]

The datasheet of the power supply:
[attachment file=90598]


VID-20190223-WA0011-1.mp4 (1.73 MB)

PM450-32B-1.pdf (436 KB)

Check the wiring to the steppers. I can’t see what the stepper pulley is doing, but it sounds like it is not working right because it is mis-wired.

were you able to resolve the issue?

It’s a clone. They all seem to have issues. I want to say it’s a stepper pinout issue, but I don’t have one to play with. I’m thinking they got the stepper pins in the wrong order.


Also, sitting electronics on plastic bags is really a bad idea, esd is a cold hearted bitch.