Minimum size printer needed?

Hello new guy here. I am thinking about trying to build a mpcnc project. My question is what is the minimum size printer area needed for the parts? I looked around but couldn’t find any measurements. Thank you.

I think the largest part is the rigid middle z, 120x120 unless you put it at an angle (maybe). Download the stl and see if it fits. Is your printer really small? standard is 200x200ish.

Tallest is the roller F, about 75mm.

Mine is the wanhao i3 duplicator. Which is 200x200 so I should be good to go. Thanks for the reply and thanks even more for sharing your great mpcnc design with all of us. I can’t wait to start my build.

Yup you should be fine.

Keep us posted on the build!

Lucky. I printed most of mine on a fabrikator mini (or tinyboy) that is 80x80mm. It got most of the job done but the z axis stuff had to be done on another printer.

So, If trying to print on a printrbot simple (100mm,100mm,100mm) which pieces exactly will I have trouble printing?

Pretty much the parts that make up the main assembly of the z axis where the x and y meet. I forgot what the main parts are called.