Minirambo Case

Anyone have a suggested enclosure for a MiniRambo + LCD? I 3d printed the LCD case using the STL file provided here, but it only has one slot for the ribbon cable, and I’m using two ribbon cables. I suppose that’s an easy fix in TinkerCAD.

I also haven’t been able to find an STL for the MiniRambo. Has anyone made one that I could use?

Here is an openscad customizable I designed. Should work with either LCD2004 or the graphics LCD. If you try it, print the faceplate 1st as all faceplates do not seem to fit the same & some people have had problems using their LCD graphic display. I was using the LCD2004, so did not have an LCD graphic display to go by. There is a version for either the arduino mega or the MiniRambo.

This version you can also add a raspberry pi to the case.

This version is does not have the raspberry pi option.

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