Minitronics V2.0 for lowrider cnc V2

Anyone good experience with minitronics V2.0 board for lowrider cnc V2 ???!!

You’d likely be on your own for that one, I didn’t see any indication that Marlin or Grbl is setup for it.

Datasheet says it uses the same ARM Cortex micro the Arduino Zero (SAMD21J18). You’d have to modify a Marlin build for that processor and reconcile the pin mappings (page 10 of the datasheet) against the pins.h file in that build.

IDL what kind of motor drivers or other peripherals it has though. If it has digipots, for example, those will need to be configured too.

And if if doesn’t have the arduino bootloader, you’ve got to install that or program it another way.

there’s a firmware file at the bottom of the page, inside it has a .ino and other files that look like a marlin build. you’ll have to make sure the steps are correct and it will probably work.