Minor Jitters & Shifting.

Greetings, I’ve completed my build and I’m in the middle of the testing phase, having slic3r turn a cookie cutter into gcode and draw the first layer. Before I go any further, here is info in advance:

  1. Did you buy everything from here? No, just the wire harness
    a)If you didn’t or changed some things please don’t leave out any details.

Everything is identical to the best if my ability, I had wanted to order the kits from here, but the school was fussy about it, so I had to source everything through McMaster-Carr & Amazon. The only thing I changed up was to splurge and got cold-drawn steel tubing (.049 wall thickness) for its ±0.004" OD accuracy. I ordered extra to reinforce it, and chose the most smooth of the lot for the base railings. It is worth noting that I have not reinforced it yet, as I need to design the part first; its on my short list along with lubricating everything.

b)What firmware? B16_32-LCD-112515
2) Are you using end stops? No
3) Are you using all my recommended parts? All printed parts are sourced from official 1" variant MPCNC Thingieverse page.

So, with that out of the way, I have two videos of the operation of my machine, both of which I have attempted to draw the first layer of a cookie cutter I made a while back. I’ve attached an image of a printed copy to give you a reference. Obviously the freckles wont be visible since I’m only drawing the first layer.In the first attempt you will be able to see and hear my troubles with the Z axis at the 23 second mark. I’m presently reprinting the pineapple coupler to replace the damaged one and hope lubrication will solve the noise and jamming issue. All the same, any advice on this matter is appreciated.

Of more concern to me is what happened at 3:15 on the second video. It was going so well, what little wobble/jitter there was… well it is an issue, but I’m really happy with the first (mostly) successful test. For this run I disabled lifting on retraction in Slic3r to better effect… but something happens at 3:15 to cause it to go out of alignment and I’m at a loss as to what. Even assuming it was the Z axis from it going to a second layer, how could it cause that?

Other than that, any observations or advice are welcome. I know I’ve posted a few times during the course of my build, but hopefully with that at an end I can start giving back and helping out as well.

Try the beta firmware, it has slower z accelerations.

You need to figure out what that noise is that grinding is far from normal. You might have a bad stepper, could be many things but it is not normal. The cnc is nearly silent when drawing.