Mirrored limit switch mounts on Primo trucks

@Ryan Have you considered mirroring the limit switch mounts on the Primo trucks. I would like to use min and max limit switches on X and Y axes.

I’m not sure how that would work in the firmware, I guess you could wire them all in parrallel and just use one port.

What would the use case be?

Both my Lowrider and my Primo are controlled by Bart Dring’s 6-pack boards, so I have more than enough inputs.

I am guessing you are assuming Marlin. However, I am currently using GRBL _ESP32 and I am ready to move to FluidNC.

What is the use case though? Emergency stops?

If that is the case it is far better to run the outline of your cut in the air first to ensure you do not waste material and time finding out you max out your machine 2 hours later when it gets to the far corner of your cut.