Mirrored tube on mount plate LowRider v3

Hello friends! Congratulations to everyone on the new version of Lowrider v3. I have an idea to make mirror guides for Y so that the pipe is on both sides. I have the opportunity to make a high-toned table from sheet metal with zintriated holes for pipe fastenings. The question arose, how can I mirror the side with pipe mounts? what details need to be mirrored and can it be done?

You can mirror the bearing wheels and that is all you need.

You will be creating a very difficult to use machine at that point though. There is a reason for not doing this that has been discussed at length many times. In short over constraint.

Ryan, thanks a lot for your reply. I have the opportunity to make a table at my work using CNC machines (laser, bending machine). The underframe will be made of aluminum 3 mm thick. I will pre-mark all the holes on the underframe to create an even rectangle for the pipes along the Y axis. I hope Google translator was able to convey my idea. I think that two guides along the Y axis will give higher rigidity to the whole structure.

Look up over constraining a system. I know it might seem that way but two unconstrained rails mounted tangentially will absolutely not make a more rigid system.

Please try and let us know for sure.

For example, I have already done this with the v2 version, on a steel frame and guides I managed to achieve excellent results on an aluminum milling machine. v3 I think is even more rigid than v2, so I really want to build it.

some more photos

If you had a perfectly stable Z height front to back, you should be okay. The LR3 will be far more sensitive to deviations.

I am not here to stop you, just offering my opinion since you asked.

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