Misc stuff

Most everything is made from 1x12 pine. Some live edge stuff. Roughing single flute 2mm depth, 20mm/s 40% step, finishing 1.5mm ball, 2mm depth, 30mm/s, 10% step.

I made flags for all the local American Legion clubs, it’s there One Hundred Year anniversary.



WHOA, You have just knocked my socks off!

More, Still learning. Working on stacked text now.


Are you using Rambo mini?

I have the RAMBo v1.4 with the dual endstops from Ryan here at V1.

It is looking amazing! I hope i will create something like this in the future.


Can I ask you what the process looks like before placing it in cnc? What programs do you use to design it and then translate it to gcode? It’s so beautiful that I want to learn a little and do something like that! Thanks.

Estlcam, it’s well worth the money. Some of the stl files are to tall, I use Slic3r to rescale or slice them in the Z axis. All of the designs came from, cults3d.com/en, 3axis.co, Thingiverse, all free designs.

For the flag I made stencils from fascia aluminum and cut them on the MPCNC. I had to file/sand the edges a little to clean them up and fit flush on the wood. I have a planer and I run the 1x12’s through once on each side just to clean them up. Paint the Red and Blue, let those dry, then the white. Carve the flag and Pledge. Burn the edges, clear coat. I have the outer text in a different file so I can change it. I have alignment lines drawn on my waste board.

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Seriously though, awesome work. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do it. :smiley: