MK8 socks

I bought three of these MK8 silicon socks from Alibaba. I only needed one. If someone has an MP3DP and an MK8 extruder and needs a sock, I’ll mail it to you in a regular envelope. PM me.

I’ve been thinking of upgrading the E3Dv6 head I have on the MP3DP just so I could put one of the socks on. The E3D sock doesn’t fit their older heads, you have to have the new one with the different temp sensor.

The hot end condoms do wear out over time. I’m on my fourth on my e3d.

What are they for?

They keep the filamemt from sticking to the nozzle or heater block. They also insulate a bit, which keeps the printed parts from overheating and keeps the heater block at a more even temperature.

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Helps insulate the hot end, and keeps filament from sticking to the hot end. E3d started making them last year I think, and theirs actually cover the nozzle as well. Usually makes for a cleaner print since the filament can’t stick to the nozzle and pull strings everywhere. Like I said though, after a while the heat starts to degrade the silicone and it starts to crumble.

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