MK9 Extruder

Anyone have some base settings for the Chinese MK9 extruders you can buy on E-bay? (steps per MM etc.)

I can’t seem to get it to extrude properly to be able to do a calibration, I think my settings are just way off…

I am doing 32nd stepping with the drv8825’s and I have mine set to 760*1.1 200.

Does that help or am I too late?

No that’s helpful, I’m thinking now it might be a dodgy extruder, I’ve used settings close to yours and also much lower and it seems no matter what I try I get a really dodgy extrusion.

Disappointing, I was hoping to use my new MP CNC to print a solid Z axis as my crappy printer doesn’t have the bed size to pull it off. I’ll keep playing.

What isn’t working with it? I have 2 of them and they are awesome and I can print really fast with them.

Did you set the right thermistor values, maybe the temp is too low or high?
double check there isn’t some funk in the nozzle these are notoriously dirty.

Worth the effort, I am going to have to start selling them, pre-tested of course…

I think you might be right with the temp, I have a thermocouple on my DMM I’ll confirm the temp.

I thought the stepper was feeding too fast, as after a couple of MM it starts to skip on the hobbed gear and when you stop the feed the plastic continues to extrude from the nozzle for quite a while, now I think about it if the temp wasn’t hot enough this would happen too.

I’m using thermistor #1 in the Marlin firmware which is 100K 4.7K pullup, I don’t know what kind of thermistor this is though due to the dodgy chinese ebay listing. Which setting are you using in Marlin?

What do you recommend to clean the nozzle? 0.4mm drill bit? Slightly concerned I would scratch the nozzle doing that?

Sorry to waste your time, hopefully this info will be useful to others also.

Awesome design work on the CNC BTW, totally brilliant. EDIT, really hope you win.

Sorry for editing your post hope you understand why.

Thank you WE did win!!! They will announce it officially tomorrow!!!I say we because I only got 1 vote so I couldn’t have done it without people like you! Seriously.

Should be #11 in marlin for the thermistor if it is the same as mine. Took me a few tries to get that right myself. No drilling. Change the firmware and try again. Make sure the teeth aren’t all packed with shredded filament.

I clean the nozzle by heating them up pushing PLA in by hand and keep pressure on it. Then turn off the heat. at the right temp…about 150 I think… pull it out it should stretch and pullout the bad crap. once you get it right it is super easy. I did 5-10 nozzles a day at an old job for a while.

No worries I totally get it, dumb move on my behalf.

Awesome that you won, you deserve every cent, can’t believe that snow robot gave you such a hard time - so completely impractical.

Thanks for the info, I’ll try #11 and monitor with my thermocouple.

I had the same issue as others with the Z setup being way too tight, I have no doubt it was the crappy printrbot I used to print the parts, but I’ve had to butcher them so bad I’m no longer happy with the whole Z, hoping to reprint (with a solid Z-middle) with the MP CNC so I’m focused on 3D printing before routing.

Both times there were middle part issues it turns out they both printed US parts for there international machine. The most recent was only 2 of the 6 pieces.

But yes nice parts equal better machine. For sure. I am uploading a video now this new setup is a beast. So much better than before.

I printed the correct parts, but I can’t get this printrbot to print holes the correct size, as a result I have to drill the holes out and it’s so hard to get them right. Annoying.

I also chose to calibrate the printer while I was half way through printing the Z parts without thinking about how the difference would screw my parts. Also annoying. I got there in the end though and I’m really enjoying this machine you’ve created.

The video with the DW660 is awesome, super exciting. It’s eating that oak alive.

I can’t get DW660 in AUS, we have a Makita that’s similar in spec that I mentioned in the other thread, if I get one and send you the measurements of the body would you be able to whip up a mount that fits similar to the DW660 one you are running? Happy to send you a donation over Paypal for it?

Love the two color motor mounts too! :slight_smile: