MKS Gen L V2.0

Anybody know if MKS Gen L V2.0 any of the 5 motor outputs are hooked together, or are they all separate dedicated control. Just trying to understand these boards. Making a decision on what to buy. thanks you all

From the Github site it looks like the 2.0 is much like the 1.0 but with more driver support for things like the TMC drivers. This does mean 5 independent drivers, for 3D printers, this would mean X, Y, Z, E0 and E1. We could use the same firmware for the MPCNC for dual endstops for the Primo of LR2.

what’s the on that has 6 axis. do you need the drivers onboard to use external drivers. Is it a marlin firmware support. and is it 32 bit.
probably junk,
what about the BIGTREETECH New Upgrade Rumba32 - Bit V1.0 its 32 bit isn’t it.
and does this have to have an onboard plugin driver to run external drivers say6600.
what I mean do i need the plugin drivers plugged in to be able to use the external drivers.

SKR Pro 1.2 has 6 drivers

does it have a boot loader

is the mks gen l v2.0 a 32 bit board

is the mks gen l v2.0 a 32 bit board

No. According to one reference is is " * Arduino MEGA compatible ATMega2560," which makes it an 8-bit board.

does it have a boot loader

I assume you are asking about the SKR Pro which has a boot loader, though it is different ATMega25. You place your firmware on an SD card and start the machine. The board sees the firmware, installs it, then renames the firmware so you can see that the flash “took.”

do you need the drivers onboard to use external drivers.

No. I cannot imagine this being true for any board. On the board you asked about in the other topic, there was a jumper next to the external driver pins, so you may have to install a jumper in order to use the breakout pins.

Note you are asking about boards that I’ve not seen mentioned on the forum before. You might want to download a later version of the firmware (any of the V1 versions for example) and look at boards.h to verify that the support for the board is rolled into the main Marlin build.

thanks for getting back to me. i may order the skr 6 motor one don’t knop yet still investigating. I got all 5 of my drivers power supply, my motors this and the and the other. you know what i mean, the connectors, setting up my motor mounts. I 'm doing the older lowrider with nema 23’s. cause I inherited them. Hopefully it 'll work alright. youguys on here are really good people, also the google lanquage changer is a god sent for some people who don’t know English, or the other way around later

The MKS SGen L V1.0 is a 32-bit ARM board, and in many ways it’s similar to the SKR 1.4.

I find it annoying that “Gen L” and “SGen L” sound similar but are quite different, so you have to pay close attention to the name.

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I’ve seen one or two builds on this forum where the latest version of the LowRider was modified for Nema 23 steppers. I don’t know if the modified files are available anywhere.

i dont either, my vscode is still giving errors so I can’t figure that out when I get the time I’ll put it on another pc and try it again. I try to compile a perfect no change marlin and come up with errors. tom myers tried the same file and it did fine I don’t know. I guess that rumba only takes marlin I think, so I need to get it runnin. I have a guess in mexico do it for me for ten dollars, I think ill have him do this one. I’ll have to get with you guys to see what stuff I need to tell him to change or put in it.