MKS SGEN L V1 not working after upload

Hey Guys,

I’m having some issues with getting marlin up and running on my MKS SGEN L V1.
I’m using vs code with platform io and auto build. I’ve made a build grabbed the firmware.bin moved it to the sd card. Inserted sd card in the mks board and it installs (I see the FIRMWARE.CUR afterwards). However if I then open repetier for instance and try to connect it will always stay on 5 commands waiting.

I’m including my marlin config here, not sure if I set something up wrong. Hope someone has the answer for me. it’s a wetransfer because I couldn’t upload it here

So to answer my own question.
I changed 2 things, not sure which one of them eventually was the fix, if it was the combination of them or one of them. What I did is switch my serial ports around.
So now it’s


and I used pronterface instead of repetier which is actually moving the motors