Has anyone had luck getting their MPCNC to run with a Touchscreen such as the MKS TFT28 or MKS TFT32?

I have the MKS TFT28 hooked up to my ramps but have yet to get it to connect and controls it.

Makerbase Firmware is not opensource there is an issue open on there GitHub to add Firmware to support GRBL for there TLT32. They release a CNC version of firmware for there TFT24 product 2 months ago.

Latest response from Makerbase is that if there is no demand they will not progress with developing Firmware for the TFT32 to support GRBL. Please go to the following link and add comments that you require this firmware.

Thanks, the more support we get Makerbase may decide to do something.



Do you know anything new in this topic? I am just finishing my MPCNC and I would like to use MKS TFT32 but I’m reading that they will not provide the firmware :confused:

Ps. This is my first post, so Hello :slight_smile: My name is Sebastaian and I intend to join your noble group of MPCNC owners :slight_smile:

imho it’s much better to invest a bit more money to raspberry pi + touchscreen

Seriously a Raspberry PI to control cnc? Imho is quite an overkill.

I would like to use what I already have. I have several sets of MKS boards and I wouldn’t like to buy something else now.

of course I haven’t mks tft24 with cnc firmware (honestly i haven’t such controllers at all), but i don’t think that it provides something significant more then cheap 12864 screen with encoder.
but raspberry does. especially when you haven’t PC aside of the cnc. a few examples

  • you can control machine with nice programs like CNCjs. or bCNC. or whatever you like, can run on linux and it fits to your touchscreen.
  • you may run gcode file from usb flash drive too, not only from SD card.
  • you can try to run visual studio code + platform io on the raspberry. as result you can change and flash firmware of the cnc board. with marlin it's really helpful.
  • whenever you need to try something that requires to send custom g-code command manually - raspberry will help
  • you may try to run simple CAM software. as example bCNC could handle dxf and svg files.
  • you may setup web cam to stream video.

Of course you are right, but MKS Sbase + MKS tft (in my case) has one big advantage - it’s already on my desk :slight_smile:

Raspberry I would have to buy. And you’re probably right that it doesn’t provide anything more than cheap 12864 screen with encoder, but I don’t need more features. I have a PC right next to my cnc and I would like to generate GCODE on it.

Ps. I can run gcode file on MKS TFT from usb flash too :slight_smile:


So… does anyone know anything new about TFT32 firmware for CNC? Friends from the east plan to do something about it?

am also looking at the option of using the TFT28 with an MKS Gen V1.4 board for my CNC, since I already have one lying around. I haven’t started my build yet and am still waiting for most of my parts to come in… but I came across the following two videos that may help you set up the TFT28 and also add Wifi support. I believe the wifi can be set up directly onto the MKS Board, or on the back of the TFT28. (the video is for Ramps but you can do the same for MKS or even just buy an MKS wifi module). I haven’t yet done this myself but I do intend to as once I have my build.

PS: You can add your own buttons and fully customize the screen for the MPCNC.

Hi, did you get this working? I have a TFT24 screen and I’m running Marlin on my mainboard, so the TFT24 CNC firmware won’t work with it. The normal TFT24 firmware works but it’s not really suitable for CNC control.

Tried looking around for a custom firmware for the screen but can’t find anything useful.

@naeem-mawji, did you manage to make it work?

I run a TFT 35. BigTreeTech. You may be able to use similar firmware tow ork on the other variants.

Will it work with mega 2560 and ramps?

This setup Joystick managed by Marlin uses an MKS TFT32 on RAMPS and MEGA 2560.