Modfiy MP3DP [SOLD]


After building the MPCNC, I find my self not using this printer anymore. not sure what price I should sell it at but I'm selling my modify MP3DP Printer that has a larger bed and on 2020. make me offer,The power supply was removed to be used it on my MPCNC. Please let me know if you have any question

Not to hijack your sale but where could one locate the stl files you used here? I have a bunch of 20x20 slot laying around. I could use another project (as there is a guy here at work who is interested in getting into 3d printing).


Hi Neil,

Why are you trying to hijacking my sale. Bad Neil, just Kidding hahahaha. Hey sorry for the late reply, I was away because work. The STL files came with the 3d printer when I bought it from hictop on DVD. I just change a few things to make it work with MP3DP, the usual things. bed size, offset, temp, etc. because I wanted something on 2020. I was going to put them on thingiverse for you. However it appear that someone has already posted them on thingiverse, but to avoid duplicate entries on thingiverse I have copy the link here. Hope this works for your friend and let him know “welcome to 3d printing world”.

best regard’s


Hi, Neil

where you able to get to the STL files ?

Very cool! Thank you much buddy!!