more info on next steps?

I’ve installed firmware, I see it boot in Arduino’s serial monitor.
I’ve installed estlcam.
I was getting an error saying unable to control cnc.
I flashed Arduino with estlecam firmware 10.001
now it says active.
and when I go to CNC controller, I don’t get an error, but I get no action from motor (I have just x hooked up now.)

not sure how to trouble shoot ramps.

Arduino seems to be working.

Thank you!

also, wire management? solutions?

Let’s get you rolling.

Start here,

Do not use ESTLCAM to control your machine, at least not at this point until you have a strong reason to do so. Estlcam is only to generate your gcode file, that is it.

thank you!
hopefully I have good news to report.