Mostly printed CNC motor issues

I’m a middle school teacher and wanted to make a cnc mill for students to use in my classroom. I already have 3 makerbot 3D printers in my room for students to use. We printed out and assembled the parts, ordered the hardware from the links on this website. I’ve now come to the issue of not being able to get my motors to turn, they just turn a little and make noise. I’ve added a video showing my setup and the issues we’re having. I’m at a point where the students and I can’t continue without some help from makers of this cnc mill. Here is the youtube link.

Thanks and we will be waiting for some responses.

Woodbury Middle School STEM

Well the build looks great! lets get you running.

If you download my firmware at the bottom of the marlin page, you don’t need to edit it just flash and go.

I think your problem is the jumpers under your stepper drivers, did you forget them? Sounds like you are in full step mode not 32nd, so you are trying to driver them 32 times there max. each driver should have all 3 jumpers, under it.

You do have the drv8825’s correct?

Thanks for the quick response. I didn’t set the jumpers under the motor drives. I overlooked that. I’ll try that. I do have the drv8825. I set the voltage to .7 volts. I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks…

Here is my first marker drawing of a smiley face.