Mother's Day "postcard"

I’m very proud of this project, I found some hardwood pallets and was able to enjoy repurposing them. This is my first time machining hard wood and what a treat over pine… I used some techniques I learned from you all when I was asking for help regarding engraving. I used a 0.1mm 20° cutter for most of the engraving at a very slow feed rate (3mm). I switched to a 60° v bit for the large text on the back


GREAT use of recycled wood! Very Nice!

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Very nice! How did blacken the engravings?

I first applied two coats of varathane to the wood and then just painted in the letters and wiped off the excess paint with a damp cloth


Sound easy and looks great!

This is a great project, you seem to have put a lot of effort into it