Motor dampeners

Does anyone have any experience using dampeners on the MPCNC? Most things I have read say they drastically help reduce noise. The only thing I am worried about is the best dampeners use only two holes (two for motor two for mounting). So my real question is does anyone think there might be some durability issues with the mounts if i only use 2 holes for each motor instead of all 4?

Is your MPCNC particularly noisy? When I’m running mine with the laser, the loudest things are the cooling fans. I don’t think you need to worry about noise from the motors.

I’m actually in the process of building it so i want to know if i should invest in dampeners or not. Ill be using a Dremel 4000 as my cutter.

Nope not worth it. I am selling a bunch of them on ebay right now. That matter hackers article is a bit over dramatic I think. We use 32nd stepping so they are more quiet than normal but still any tool you put on here will be much loader than the steppers.

2 holes is plenty to mount these with. For the first few months I shipped the kits with enough screws for 1 in each corner block and 2 in each stepper.

I think the bigger issue with them is a slight introduction of slop. #d printers use very small steppers under a very small load. We tend to use larger steppers and bigger loads, these could potentially introduce “wiggle” room.

@Tyler Smith Good luck on your build - you’re going to love it! And Ryan’s right - the dremel is going to be the loudest thing on your machine, by far. Of course, if you actually wanted louder, you could always get a DW660 - I always have to wear earplugs when running mine.

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When you combine the router (I use a DW660) and the shopvac it is rather painful without earplugs! Don’t worry about the steppers and get it running and ENJOY!!

Ok, Ill just save the money. Thanks everyone!