Motors problems


I’m building a MPCNC and I’m at the electronics part now but I’m having problems with the motors. They only move when I do it in 0.1mm increments but not in 1mm and 10mm increments, in that case they make a whining noise but do not move at all. Also, if I send a lot of 0.1mm steps at a time, it will do the same thing, noise and no movement.

Can someone please help me?

My drivers are DRV8825 with NEMA 17 (17HS19-2004S) motors and Mega 2560 R3 + RAMPS 1.4 running “Marlin RC7 MPCNC w/LCD”. I can send pictures if you guys need. Also, I’m running a 5A 12V power supply.


Here are some images

What voltage did you set your drivers to, and do you have all 3 jumpers under them?

You may have fried your arduino board. It gets power from the ramps board only, shouldn’t have the power plug attached. Unplug it and see if that fixes your problem.

Vicious: The drivers are set to 0.7V, the 3 of them.

Barry: Let me try to disconnect the power going into the Arduino and see if that solves it.

When I unplug the power from the Arduino it does not boot at all. Nothing seems to work and the LCD does not power up either. With power going to both the Arduino and the RAMPS, it brings up the LCD and seems to work.

You are a genius, I forgot the jumpers underneath the drivers :frowning:

It all work fine now, thank you so much for you help.