Motors seem weak..

So now that I finally got the machine to move, I tested it out. The first thing I noticed is the z axis almost gets hung up and the motor starts to skip. I pull it off and grip the pineapple coupler in my hand and it doesn’t take much force for this to happen. So then I grab one of the gt2 pulleys on the y axis in front of me and tell the machine to move, same deal.

My motors data sheet says their rated current is 2.0 and their rated voltage is 2.8 and they have a holding torque of .59.

My drv8825 voltages are as follows .75 for x and y and .45 for z.

I tried this same test on my 3d printers and the outcome was very different.

Do you have a different thread open as well? I thought you had 42oz/in steppers (holding torque of .59What?)?

You can turn the z driver up. Are your steppers getting warm?

I do have another thread… On a different subject which was resolved. I didn’t think it was right to put this subject matter in a thread about the arduino. I’m sorry if it caused confusion.

Motors are cold.

The motors I own are the ones you have in your parts list. Bought from amazon. The data sheet is garbage at best lol. Stepperonline 84oz. 2a nema 17’s.

I’m just trying to keep the details straight.

you can turn up the z to .7v and wire the x and y in series and double your strength.

besides running the z driver too low, feeling with your hand and cutting are two different sets of forces. If you want to feel the strength don’t grab the shaft grab the part that is moving. it should feel significantly different. The z axis has such a high mechanical advantage if you crash into the bed with the tubes you will rip the machine apart, or at least break something.

I currently have both sets of x and y motors together. I just flip flopped a pair of wires from one x motor and one y motor.

Does that mean I should be able to turn up the x and y drivers to 1.4?

Not without melting your driver.
Your power shoukd be fine but if you are concerned wire them in series and leave the driver at .7

How would I go about wiring them in series?

I really am sorry that I’m such a pain.

I can try and find you a good link after lunch, but you are using the same exact parts as everyone else. I assure you there is more than enough power.

If you believe so… Then I’m good with it.
Nobody knows this project as well as you.

So I’ll just turn up the z driver voltage to .7 when I get home tonight.

I’m sure at some point I’m going to have 100 questions on actual cutting. Thanks for being patient with me.