Mounting endstop advice?

What’s everyone using to mount their endstops for the LR2?

I don’t use any. A few people do though.

I have a real hard time keeping the two z-axis level… as soon as I turn the power off they both fall but one falls farther than the other (usually whichever one the router is closer to).

I figured dual Z endstops would help alleviate that.

They should both fall all the way. I usually pull the router up enough for the bit to be out of the way so it has clearance to come all the way down.

Better way is to add a true zero to the ending Gcode. When it is finished go home and down all the way. Either way I check my screws before I power it up to make sure it is as zero and no tension in either direction.

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duh, thanks a bunch… I guess I was overthinking it. Last night I tried just moving it into position before turning the machine on and it was a lot easier. Thanks!