Mounting Y-belt Holders on Table

I have a question about mounting the LR3 y-belt holders on the table. The directions say to mount them at 30mm from edge of table. Is there any particular reason for mounting them at 30mm? Is it purely for aesthetics, or am I able to mount them flush to the end of the table and gain that extra 60mm in cutting ability?

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Looks like LR3 parts go past the Y tensioner blocks.

My attempt at mounting Y Tensioner Blocks, hope that helps. Cheers!

I couldn‘t find a specific reason for the 30mm. I used 10mm distance from the edge of the table and I think this is the absolute minimum as the front wheel of your left YZ-plate will fall off the table otherwise.

That means 30 mm from the end as in the direction of Y axis travel, and not 30 mm from the edge as in from the X axis direction of travel.

The pic illustrates it:


As far as whether or not your tension blocks can be mounted right up against the edge of the table in the x-axis direction of travel, the answer is yes they can, and in fact you can even fly them out in the air if you build mounts for them like I did. I needed my belts flying out in the air past the (X) edges of my table in order to maintain the cut width that I wanted without having to widen my table.

Here is a link to the printed extenders I designed to fly my tensioner blocks out in the air in the x-axis direction.

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Thanks for your reply, everyone. It’s been a crazy few days. On Monday, I think I will take a look and install them.

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Post pics when you get a chance!

Yes, I will probably start a thread in the builds forum.
Unfortunately, I dislocated my shoulder earlier tonight, so I think my build will be delayed a couple weeks. I was looking forward to working on the table tomorrow, too. Crap.

So sorry about the injury. Will pray for speedy recovery.