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Could someone point me in the right direction please? Is there a a getting started guide? I have been going over this website and the last few days. I am collecting all the parts I need. I think I can figure out how to assemble it and even load firmware but I would prefer to follow some sort of guide. I can’t seem to find it if there is one. Instead I see a lot of specs pages and parts lists etc.

I moved you to your own thread in advice. If your question is not answered in one of the links below post it here and I will help you out.

General overview-

List of parts -

How to put it together -

Electronics and software -

Some basics uses -

Just google for “vicious1 assembly” and follow the first hit. There’s complete BOMs (bill of materials) and guides for just everything.

To be fair: it took me a long time to figure out theres even guides for the electric/firmware stuff BELOW this embedded youtube-video at I though this video represents the bottom of the assembly page. Duh xD.

Imho the “Electrical” section should be before the video, so the video will be really at the bottom of the page. Idk maybe it’s just me but I’m a UX fetishist. :frowning:

Changed! Thanks for the help.

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Evaluating the build as well and have questions:

The steel conduit should be 25mm. Does the thickness of material matter or is “as thick as possible” rather good for stiffness? Or is there an issue if the pipes become too heavy?

Regarding choice of board. I have an extra Ultimaker Mainboard, here’s some random pic from the web:

that’s essentially a nicer Arduino Mega 2560 and motor drivers.
Could I use that board for the machine?

Thickness has a point of diminishing returns and added weight isn’t ideal for your accelerations.

Any board should work.

I used 25mm x 1.2mm steel, someone that built it in 2mm said 2mm is overkill.

Personally would buy 1.2mm again.