Moving one Z stepper on LR2

Just a quick question:
Is there a command that allows you to move the Z steppers independently on a LR2?
(LowRider2, Marlin, SKR1.3, TMC2209)

How are they wired?

I have dual Z steppers wired to their own drivers (Z and E2, I think).

I don’t think you can send a command to move a single stepper. Marlin can do it when homing though.

That’s what I figured but can’t hurt to ask. So much knowledge here, I
thought someone might know right off the top of their head.
With the steppers being each on their own drivers, one would think they could be controlled independently. Not sure why they couldn’t be. Maybe the knowledge base here can enlighten me.

Maybe back up and ask why you would want to?

AFAIK, they move in lockstep unless you are homing. M666 can adjust the distance from the endstops for each motor. But after they move away, they are always going to move in sync.

So, I have set up my rig with no endstops on the Z axis (gave up on sensorless). I adjusted the lead screws very close to the same length and my setup sequence runs the Z all the way up until the lead screws back out of the nuts. Then it comes back down about halfway and I use a probe to set Z zero. Believe it or not, this gets me within .4mm variance from one end of the 550mm travel of the X axis to the other. And it’s repeatable. So my question was basically to see if I could send a command to raise/lower one side to compensate for that .4mm variance.
This set up might not be the “right” way to do it but it works for me. I may try endstop switches in the near future but I am lazy so if I can send a command instead, y’know, I’m gonna take it. :slight_smile:

Oh. Some kind of manual homing. Like G92, but for dual endstops. Yeah, that seems like a useful thing for you.

I don’t know how to do it :slight_smile: