Moving the "zero" a specific distance in Estlcam

Had today the “problem” to move the zero on Estlcam ~80mm on the X axis to position it between another part. I was wondering if you could see somewhere how many mm you shift your work piece away from the zero, I did not find anything. I got it right with the second try, but was hoping a more sophisticated method was available.

On the other hand it would be enough if I could move it on the CNC.js, but there I have no clue either how to do it.

Hope the pictures explain better what I mean.

For me, if I need it precise I make a bounding box with the design/dxf and use that.

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I don’t find the question very clear. I will usually set the zero an inch left and an inch down from the workpiece. Estlcam will usually set the zero in that neighborhood automatically to enclose the drawing. If I think there may be a problem with Estlcam’s chosen location I will move it a little using the ‘+’ function. If I am making multiple copies of a drawing rather than tiling them I will have the machine move over the distance I want along X and then zero the X at that point.

Show the grid in estlcam. The grid follows the zero point.

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The grid will follow the Zero point. If you zoom in to near where you want the Zero to be, you can click away from the grid. The grid will rep enter on that point and you can see if your workpiece is still in a suitable rectangular area.

Ok, finally found it. Had the grid and the workspace set to 0,0mm so not much to display.
Meanwhile I followed Ryan’s suggestion and put my Zero into the CAD program, I had to use it anyway to re-arrange, modify parts, so no deal.
Anyhow, good to know there’s another easy way, without tinkering with CAD.