Would the Lowrider2 be useable with Mozaik CNC?

Not sure, but there’s no way in hell I’d pay that much for software.

If you can edit your own post processor, that opens it up to use with any machine. They may or may not already have a compatible post processor. CAM is CAM, but how it spits out and saves it’s instructions can vary a lot between machines.

I’m basically in agreement with @barry99705 here.

That sort of cost is easily justifiable in a production environment, but…if you’re planning volume production, the Lowrider is probably not the right tool for the job.

That’s not a knock on the Lowrider. It’s target niche, like all V1 machines, is a lowest cost, highly accessible machine. I don’t think there is anything comparable in terms of cost relative to capability. I love my Lowrider

One of the trade offs is that it is relatively slow. The commercial production grade machines I’ve seen move MUCH faster, and cut deeper…They also cost at least 10x as much.

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Yea, production machines can move a half inch endmill full depth through inch thick plywood at many feet per minute speeds.

I have an info request in with them but haven’t heard yet. It may seem backwards to some, but I have a reliable 4x8 Lowrider2 that I run Vcarve on with great success. Including software, I am into this cnc hobby for less than a grand. For a beginner, this has been a great path to learn and potentially earn some money toward a more professional/robust table. I have been using the LR2 for mdf cabinets and small 3d carvings and vcarvings. Ya, it’s a light hobby machine and has its limits, like losing steps on z if not run right. But if I can get it to run Mozaik for a few projects I will be on my way toward the next table.


How complex of a task would that be? I have only done minimal coding. Mozaik must be busy as they have been very slow to respond.