MP3DP -- bottom of arduino getting warm/hot near voltage regulator

i have a fun running on the top of the ramps and its keeping everything really cool

but the bottom of the board is getting warm/hot. i can keep my finger on there for some time and it doesnt burn but im afraid the voltage regulator in between the two boards is getting too hot.

anyone else have the same problem? should i be worried? what should i do?

Is there anything you can unplug from the ramps side of the power plug? Or to trouble shoot unplug everything but the drivers you are using and the steppers, nothing else. I am guessing you have an lcd plug that in next, it is probably the culprit. They draw a lot of power sometimes.

On one of my sdcards the card gets hot pretty fast and really cooks my arduino so I threw it away no problem since.

ill try. i took off the fan wires and wired them seperately to the power supply and the only extra thing i have on the board is the lcd screen on the board. i havent connected my computer to it while on bc the last time it burnt the board.

i have nothign extra i added on that what is supposed to be on there for the 3d printer.

i will try to take things off and see what happens. i have read the lcd screen causes some problems. might have to cut the diode and connect the computer to the board.

You can cut the diode and just power it though the barrel jack if you can’t find the issue.

how much voltage and amps does the barrel jack need to operate?

have you had issues like this before with heat on the board?

It is wide open 5-12v is recommended I think but you can go all the way up. I am not actually sure which side powers the LCD though. might not actually solve your problem.

I have had the issue before. But have not seem it in a long time. I think the boards are pretty solid now. I’m not really that familiar with it. When I test them I plug everything in and either the regulator pops or not. So its either cold or it popped.

I can only say make sure your SD card isn’t hot. That is the only time I have seen it in the last year or so.

I had this problem with faulty stepper drivers… the voltageregulator burned itself up