MP3DP Repeat, Take Two

Minus a couple of changes I want to make in the firmware, this baby is done! And I’m actually quite pleased with the way this turned out. I know that I already started a thread, but… I tore that thing apart and started again from the ground up. So I figured I would go ahead and follow suit here.

Anyway, the basic specs:
*BIQU H2 Extruder, 24V .4mm nozzle (I normally print with .6mm nozzles, but the speed makes up for it with this machine!)
*BLTouch ABL
*310 x 310 x 280mm build volume.
*textured PEI magnetic build plate
*full enclosed with ACM and polycarbonate
*Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Octoprint
*Meanwell 24V power supply
*LM2596 step down converter for powering the Pi off the PSU
*SKR Pro v1.2 running the V1 firmware (probably the single best choice that I made with this build)

Prints are okay, but still need some tuning! The Z height on the calibration cube was short almost an entire mm! The white prints are PLA+, while the red print is ABS. To my surprise, the ABS actually came out better.


Looks good, but, uhhhhhh…

How did you NOT name this thread “MP3DP Repeat, repeat”?

Obviously, he’s Darryl.
No, the other one.

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WOW! That machine is production quality stuff! Looks bought not built. :star_struck:

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Dammit! Hahaha good call. Y’all met my other brother Darryl?

Tim, thank you sir. That’s a fine compliment and I’ll certainly take it

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Wow that is a good looking build.