MP3DP stops printing same layer consistantly

Hello, anyone else have a problem were printer stops on same layer constantly? Printing from SD card. Project take 6 hrs to print and stops 3 hrs in. (did this 3 times with same results) Running Mega 2560, Ramps 1.4 with RepRap Discount Full Graphic Smart Controller. Have had this happen before and replaced all electronics and PS. did more tests this time, stops at same layer each time,changed Mega 2560 (no change). Changed LCD, no change. When print stops, can go to pause on LCD, move all steppers no problem, bed & extruder temp stay same. Go back to Resume and printer just sits there and does nothing. Shut it off and turn on, starts printing no problem. Frustrating as H, because of time and material to find out if change works.
Sliced with Cura 4.11.0, cannot find any issues with gcode.
Any suggestions on how to trace issue would very appreciated.

If you’re present when the printer halts, did you check to see if maybe the drivers overheated?

Sounds like it may be a slicer issue. i know you said that you checked the gcode, but i’ve run into this problem before. slicing after changing it (rotate or move on build plate) or trying a different slicer might be your next step. I’ve also seen where the SD card may be the issue, you can also try replacing it with the same gcode or after a reslice.

I have had a similar issue where I copied a file before it was finished writing it out. So I would only have the first half of the file. Definitely check it from the SD card. You may have the complete file on your computer, but only the first half on the SD card.

Another possible cause is some weird Gcode in the middle, like an M0.

These aren’t likely, because they wouldn’t be in the exact same place:

You should also look for anything that can cause a static discharge.

Repetier host (and some others) send a reset command when they connect. If you have a computer connected, disconnect it.

The screen has a little reset button on it. Maybe that is triggering. Either something physical (like rubbing on a case) or interference.

Those are the things I can think of to check.

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Update: No errors on SD card, checked coding on SD and found no issues. Have forwarded this issue to Cura along with coding, to see if they see something I don’t. will update after they respond.

Do you have the travel limits and/or software end stops setup, but too small in Z?

different orientation, Re-sliced, optimized wall order (reduced print time 16 min )
It worked!
Thanks for all the input, must be murphy’s law or gremlins. just frustrating when you can’t find issue till 50 -80% done.