Mp3dp v4 bom

hey is there a bom and assembly guide for this printer? i didnt see one under its heading on the v1 website also the files are in .3mf format, how do i open those? when i open them in cura, there is no model on the buildplate


The .3mf is supported by Cura, but sometimes the model is placed FAR off the build plate when it is imported into Cura. I find this happens most often when the model was made in Fusion 360.

I zoom way out to find it, or you can use the “Edit, Arrange…” menu item to get it centered onto the plate. You may need to then drag it upwards or downwards to get it to be placed on the build plate.

Mike B.

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Is there a bom and assembly guid for this printer?

The V4 / (Repeat v2) is still a work in progress and we need to help with the documentation.

The forum thread has about as much information as is available

I’ve got the printed parts all printed, and have the electronics but still need to gather 2020 parts, linear rails, and more than anything decide on a heated bed.

The heated bed is actually the part that is stopping me at the moment as there isn’t a reference design with a specific “go buy these parts” available for the V4- and I don’t have time to finish learning Fusion360 to do it all myself. (Though, if I do that, I’m going to use one of my spare TAZ beds and modify it for 3-point mounting.)

Edit to note- I’m just a community member, the “We” implies no direct affiliation with @vicious1 .