MP3DPD.C. - Th3W0lf3 Build

So it begins!
I completed my MPCNC about a month ago (after holding the parts for over a year!!).
Already have a lot of successful aluminum and MDF cuts there. I’m moving out to Denver soon, so I need a new 3D printer to take along for the ride. Working on some XZ frame ideas right now, involving mountains, mountain biking, gears, etc…wanna make it festive! Ideas welcome. I am a bad artist.

So far, I’ve got half the parts printed and all the hardware ready (All TORX, baby!!). Still waiting on some things from V1 and Amazon, but won’t be needing those for a bit. Gonna start cutting the frame out of 3/8" Birch today!

The 220 x 220 heated bed, PSU, stepper motors, and control board are being salvaged from my TEVO Tarantula build. Sick of that dang thing taking up space on the bench.

Stay tuned!

Welcome to Denver! It’s really terrible here. It snows all the time. The people are all idiots. There is no good food or drinks. (None of that is true, but don’t tell anyone :smiley: ).

I can say that 3/8" BB is working great for my machine. Did you see my LTD design? . Living the Dream is a brewery in Highlands Ranch, CO. Pretty good beer, great theme. If you need advice on good mountain biking spots in Denver, I have a few of those too (I live in Golden).

Hey, yeah I read your build! Drew a little inspiration from your mountain design :slight_smile:
Let’s ride sometime! I’m hopefully moving out there right before Christmas…just in time for snowy trails.

I’m in. I don’t have a fat bike (yet), so we’ll have to wait for a dry day.

Oh come on… You can print a sleeve to go over the tires and make them fatter and bumpy. :slight_smile:

Haha, I second that Bill! someone’s gotta make it…

Yup, I don’t do snow rides either. nooooope.

I watched a guy destroy a carbon fiber Cannondale trying to ride in the snow. It didn’t like the cold.

Man that is rough! I wonder if he stored his bike in the cold. Micro fractures from cold cycling is a thing. Sad :frowning:

I have a build update coming in a few!


I ended up going with 1/2" pine plywood - the good stuff. Had issues sourcing decent 3/8". Meh!

My first cut was the Y speed plate. While I cut the front and back parts, I worked on fitting the speed plate to my heated bed. Had to drill a hole and countersink for the left side. Worked great! Perfect fit. Cut out the sides last and stained everything a nice dark cherry.
I cut out everything but the XZ frame…had to work on my creative vision for that. While the stain dried, I came up with the final XZ design. Pretty happy with it- we’ll see how it turns out tonight!

Meanwhile, my lil’ bastard Printrbot Metal Plus is cranking out the last few parts. We’re almost to build time, folks!

Ohhhhhh it’s getting close!

That looks awesome! The gear sun setting on the mountains (mountains should be to the West, everyone knows that).

Thanks!! Yes of course, mountains are ALWAYS west, no matter where you are.
Looks like I wont get this cut out until tomorrow, though. Waaah.

Here’s another progress pic.

Actually, as everyone knows, mountains are to the west and to the east. Sometimes to the north and south too…

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Had all my parts laid out, all accounted for. Started assembling…got mostly the whole thing together…go to do the belts…
Darn Amazon GT2 idler supplier sent me 4mm idlers instead of 6mm. Now I gotta wait until Monday to finish! Waaaah!

Oh man, that is gut punch for sure.

Mine were north(Brooks Range) and south(Alaska Range).

Now I’m in Ohio and the crap they call mountains around here still has trees on top…

Here she is! Unfortunately, I realized my MPCNC is too small to cutout the frame that I designed. I could’ve changed the XZ frame to be a tad shorter, but then I’d have to redraw the DWG, manually retrace everything in Estlcam, etc…Too excited to get it together! So, for now, the Wolfe MP3DP will sport a poorly sprayed silver XZ frame and charcoal stained AB plywood sides and fronts. I threw on a bottom plate for rigidity and so I could have an excuse to use some of the 100s of rubber feet laying around in the shop…

So far, I’ve got all axis calibrated and PID tuned. Bed isn’t quite level yet. First print will hopefully come tonight!

FYI, several parts on this came straight from my old TEVO Tarantula. What a piece of garbage. The MKS 1.6 control board is great, steppers are fine, and still using the heatbed from the TEVO…everything else was trash- especially the dodgy slotted frame. The MP3DP is SUPER solid and will make much better use of these components.


Ha! Was it you that printed the Nightmare Before Christmas scene? How was the assembly process? I’ve got the STLs in the “someday” file on my hard drive here.

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Yes! Actually, I hit print and forget- no assembly! I haven’t put the moon in yet, which I suppose would be the one thing that needs assembled. I think the author also included some crosses to go on the tombstones, but I omitted them. It came out perfect!
That was made on my Printrbot Metal Plus. Or, what is now a Printrbot Metal Plus with none of the original electronics…had to replace the board with a Ramps 1.6 after PB went belly up. heh.

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Ooo, the curl has to be assembled too. The assembly there wasn’t hard, but printing the curl by itself was a little annoying. Ended up using a bunch of support material and printing at like 15mm/s. Took a couple tries.