MPCNC 1st attempt

Hey guys and gals,


I just got my CR-10 3d printer this past week and started printing the parts for the 23.5mm rail MPCNC. I am about halfway done with printing, but I think i may have a problem. Will this be strong enough for a workable area of 2’x4’? Tried to research, but i am not seeing anything. Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated.


I have it on a few pages but really at that size you would be much happier with a LowRider and it would really rip through the material. I have never used my LowRider for a full sheet so I think I am actually going to cut it down to 4’ Y and 2’ X.

Depending on your use an MPCNC will work but you haven;t specified your desired / common material.

So, I am a complete “noob” when it comes to this type of stuff. I think the desired material that I would be using would be various types of soft/hard wood.

Is there a particular reason for the 4’ length?

If you are new, you will have a much easier learning experience with a small machine, as you skill and needs grow so can your machine. CAM can be as easy or as complicated as you can imagine. Conduit is only a few dollars, I suggest making a 12"-15" square work envelope and do some learning, then expand it when you have a solid need and understanding of how it all works. The bigger it is the more perfect your CAM has to be to work well.

Well to be completely honest, there really isn’t a particular reason other than it seemed like there would be plenty of room to expand for bigger projects such as cabinet doors, etc. What are you speaking of when you say “CAM”?

In the CNC world, “bigger” is not better and comes with serious draw backs. I have a lot written about size on a few pages, specs page and size page.

CAM is how you tell your machine what to do. Like a slicer for a 3D printer, just the exact opposite.

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