MPCNC 23" Stainless steel 1" Tube, Totem, Nema 23, PS, board

Hey everyone!

Selling my MPCNC here as I’ve moved to an apartment and can’t use it now. The listing is here:

Details are:

  • 4 x Nema 23 motor upgrade (with a custom designed motor mount

  • Totem upgraded rigid supports.

  • 1" Stainless Steel tubing

  • 20A power supply included from Drok (power cable not included)

  • MKS Base 1.3 control board included (with drivers on the board, have been tested with the motor combo with no issues). Also a custom designed control box that fits a 120mm computer fan on the top for cooling (not included)

  • LCD 12864 included and long LCD wires / case for LCD

  • Machine dimensions are 23 x 23 inches . Z motor is a high power Nema 17 with a lead screw upgrade.

  • Cable chain printed included for cable management.

  • Four endstops for marlin dual-x and dual-y endstop self squaring.

Thanks for checking.



Hi it is available ?