Hi folks! Just dropping a line to join the growing user base.

Firstly, many thanks to Ryan for sharing this most excellent design. Once I got past the 100+ hours of printing and waiting for the slow boat from China for the other parts, the build went fairly smoothly. I am not entirely sure I have it as square as it can be, and I still see some of the bearings not making contact with the EMT conduit, but IT WORKS!!!

I have a sneaky feeling that this is the gateway drug for many more CNC projects to come… I see a Weecade in my not too distant future.

My (first) MPCNC 525 was built with the following:-

  • 3/4" x 2’ x 2’ birch plywood from Home Depot
  • 3/4" EMT from Home Depot
  • 5x Long’s Motor 17HS4401N NEMA17 steppers from eBay
  • PLA printed parts
  • vitamins from MrMetric
  • RAMPS/GT2 belts/pulley from AliExpress

I’m still deciding what milling tool to go with. I have a Dremel 395 and a Bosch Colt hand router, but have not been successful finding parts that work with the 5/25 design on Thingiverse. I might just bite the bullet and mash one up in OpenSCAD.

Build looks great, Congrats.

That weecade looks cool We have a place near by with super cheap older lcd monitors. Next time I’m there I might pick one up so I can give this a shot.

If you need to build a tool mount I have my universal tool mount blank up on onshape.