MPCNC at MakerX

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to demo my MPCNC build at MakerX in Columbus, OH. I used a thin-nib sharpie and pre-setup gcode files to draw about 10 different images. I passed out the images to those that wanted one.

[attachment file=96266]

There was a pretty good turnout - around 1,500 people. Around 10 or so of the folks I spoke with knew what an MPCNC was (had seen one or had built one). Many were surprised that a 3D printer would be able to provide so many of the parts and were impressed at Ryans design skills.

[attachment file=96267]

A decent number of people took a picture of the card I had printed with links to the V1Engineering website and Thingiverse QR codes so I expect some of them will join the fun here!




Maker X? What I wanna go!

Thank you for showing off such a nice build and getting more people excited about us.

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This year it was one week after MRRF. Unclear what the date for next year’s event will be. Looks like MRRF will be in April next year.

Damn! That’s way closer to me than Goshin!

If they plan it right everyone can just drive from one event to the next.