Mpcnc btt octopus v1.1 dual firmware

Hi All

Thanks again to the team at V1 Engineering for all the hard work for such an excellent design.

I was unfortunately not lucky to find a board that had supported firmware. The board I managed to get my hands on was the BTT OCTOPUS V1.1 Board. With Some Help from Lee payneCrazybrit. I was able to build a firmware off of the SKR Pro Dual Version and it seems to work great.

I decided to upload the firmware for the next MPCNC’er that decides to get this board.

PS Use the firmware at your own risk, Hope this helps



How can i get your config crazy britt was helping me too but my machine will start and just quit in middle of cut have to keep hittin pause and run in cncjs to get it to go

I uploaded the whole file above, you should see the config file in there

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copied link paste in adress bar dont come up

Pop me your email and I will send you the file directly

I got it i dont have end stops will this matter

never mind just ordered end stop switches

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works well thank you

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I’m glad you came right

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Got switches how should they be wired to board with no switches M119 says all triggered

The switches shoud have 3 terminals on them, labelled “C”, “NO”, and “NC” This tands for “Common”, “Normally Open” and “Normally Closed” I generally wire these with the signal pin (S) wired to “Common” and the ground pin (-) wired to “Normally Closed” – It can be the other way around, but this is the arrangement that I like best. Do not use the _5V (+) pin or the Normally Open pin.

The way that it works is that the switch signal is looking for ground on the signal pin. When there is nothing connected, a resistor to +5V allows the signal pin to read logic high which it takes as the switch being triggered. This way, if the wire becomes disconnected, the firmware will see the limit switch as triggered, and it will not try to run the motor past the end of travel. When the “normally closed” contact is connected to “common” this shorts the signal pin to ground, and the board sees logic low (ground) on the signal pin, and reads is as not triggered. Clicking the switch opens the “normally closed” and closes the “normally open” contact, resulting in a triggered condition.

Edit: you need to change the limit switch that you’re using for a touchplate. This has no “normally closed” option, so you need to alter the firmware to expect a normally open switch (IE: triggered on logic low instead of logic high) then I wire it so that the clip (tool) is connected to ground and the touchplate is connected to the signal pin.

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Thank you i figured it out

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