MPCNC Build: Edmonton, Alberta - Due To Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning? What does that have to do with an MPCNC build? I thought I would share the short story of how I ended up here since I don’t come from the CNC world and had never heard of an MPCNC nor witnessed a 3D printer in action until about a week ago.

The Obvious Pathway From Getting Your Carpets Cleaned -> MPCNC (Step By Step)

  1. In late summer I was too cheap to replace my office carpet so I thought I would get it cleaned. As such, I had to empty my office of a bunch of mismatched furniture.
  2. Once the room was empty, I thought to myself. I see a lot of people building their own rustic furniture. May I should do that?
  3. I then discovered the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig and a variety of barn-wood staining techniques. I made a bunch of stuff for friends, family, and me.
  4. I was then was lucky enough to win this year's match play series at my local golf club. They don't give you a trophy so I thought I would make myself a coffee table with something engraved in it.
  5. I found it hard to get something done at a reasonable price, but stumbled across someone who did.
  6. I asked him what he used, he said "Just Google MPCNC, and btw 3D printers are cheap now".
  7. I did just that...and "presto"...I started my MPCNC build.

I am just printing parts now. I figured I better get that done before order the kit from V1. Things going well so far (tons of Googling of course).


I think I still need new carpet



Ah yes, the endless rabbit hole that is making/tinkering! Enjoy the build! :smiley:

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That is a pretty cool breadcrumb trail of how you got here.

Like the style of furniture, can’t wait to see what you make!

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Welcome, and a pretty cool use for theses cnc’s. I’m another local to you and I know there are at least a few other mpcnc’s and LR2’s in the city and surrounding areas. I’m also a golfer but have never played coloniale it must be either close or good if you’re a member there.

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Short version is that I ran my crown test last night and it worked. Like on the first first run (okay second run cause pen was not touching paper first time)!

I actually cannot believe it. I really had no idea what I was doing but it is a testament to Ryan’s design that things worked out in the end.

In case someone stumbles across this post I will make some comments about time frame (i.e. this did not take as long as I expected).

Time Frame

I approached this with the attitude that “this is going to take all winter”. I really worked slowly! For example:

  1. Print some parts...
  2. Go to Vancouver for wife's birthday (via train!)...
  3. Finish parts, do some assembly....
  4. Go to Vegas for sister in law's birthday...
  5. Finish up....
You get the idea, super lazy. And even with all that, it only took a month. I think if you had your kit and printed parts in hand, you could do this in a weekend.

Now to go and post some dumb newbie questions in a new thread.


Awesome, thank you!

So, short version is that I actually got it dirty (see attached). I can’t believe how good this went together!

Slightly longer version is that when I built this, I did this in the family room cause one day it was like -27C with wind chill outside. I had reserved myself to the fact that I was not going to try this with wood until the spring. However, we got break in the weather to like 9C and I got to try it out in the garage.

Now, this weather wont last, so already cleaning out the storage room to house this sucker!

The third picture (and only the third real milling attempt) is just a wooden plaque for my niece who just got an on air reporting job.


Awesome, that brings a smile to my face!


Tangent, My county had a trade in program for lawn mowers. Trade in a gas one and get a credit for an electric, Got me an EGo for $100 and love it. I really want to get that matching blower. Yard work is s much easier and faster without all the cords and gas to deal with.

There is only one response to that kind of tangent.

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I want to know what’s the motive to post the topic as carpet cleaning?