MPCNC Build in FL(Space Coast)

Up and running in Florida with a 32" x 32" bed.

T track spaced at 3.5". Powertec brand. Home Depot online has decent pricing and bundles. As well as Amazon. Just need to cut the bolts down for the clamps. Switched my spoilboard width so I’m a couple short of being complete. Also have some of the low pro fences that I’ll use mostly instead of the clamps to avoid Z axis contact.

Used PVC Trim boards for the spoilboards. A little pricey hopefully worth it. Drills easy enough, hope it surfaces well too.

Crown test took a bit of trial and a lot of error in repetier. Just will take a bit to learn the ins and outs of the controller software. Used old dried ply and it cut to a layer depth so a couple pieces popped off. NBD.
Z axis had a little movement out of plumb under load, so I’ll tighten some of the tension bearings down to hopefully minimize that.

LCD Powers on but nothing shows on the screen. Will search the forum but anyone have any tips?